The Kelly Slater Surf Ranch Photography Experience


The Kelly Slater Surf Ranch x Peter Amend Photo Experience is a great way to document your exclusive time at the wave pool.

This package offers you a full day of photography, documenting your full experience - from the first wave, to the last. Whether you’re looking for a shot deep in the barrel, or just want to prove to your mom that you stood on a wave - we’ll work together to get something to put on your wall as evidence, or at least to brag on instagram.

This experience either be focused on an individual, or a group of surfers. Splitting the investment between some buddies can be a cost effective way to get photo coverage, and a second photographer is an option as an add on, for larger groups. There’s no better way to reminisce on the stoke, than having photo proof of your Surf Ranch adventure!

Kelly Slater x Peter Amend