Tonga 2019 | Dancing with whales


With conversations about ocean sustainability at their peak, efforts to reduce single-use plastics at an all-time high, and more eyes on the ocean than ever before - we have a once in a lifetime dream opportunity to dive with humpback whales in the South Pacific. Our love and passion for the ocean, along with our experience filming and photographing both above & below the water, will give us a great chance to tell the story of these majestic creatures, in the warm tropical waters in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Trip:

Early September 2019 we’ll be flying to Tonga, a group of islands hidden away in the South Pacific - about 500 miles from Fiji. We will be joining Hasselblad Master & Nat Geo contributor Karim Iliya as our guide to free dive and swim with the Humpback whales in Tonga. Spending a week in the water with the whales, we’ll also be enjoying an additional week on land, in the idyllic tropical landscapes of paradise. A few days in Fiji will also open opportunities for more lifestyle imagery opportunity - surfing, island hopping, and spearfishing & freediving in sea caves.

Ways you can be involved:

Peter Amend will be focusing on still images, and Raja Iliya will concentrate on video. Together we’ll be creating multimedia assets both underwater and above.  These packages will be custom tailored to your needs, but here are some examples below of some possible offerings that we’d love to create for you:

Assets available for creation & license:

  • A custom gallery of photos including the following:

    • curated lifestyle and product images relating to our experience in and out of the water

    • Whale experience + human interaction with whales

    • landscapes of the tropical environment

  • Short & Long form curated films of the entire trip showcasing a mix of lifestyle, underwater, adventure, and product:

    • ~1-3 minutes with narration, environmental focus, and lifestyle product placement

    • Custom score available as well

  • Vertical Videos - Curated for Instagram stories

    • 15-30 second edits available for social media (more product focused)

    • Curated and concepted for your brand

  • Social media takeovers by Peter or Raja - post trip completion. Custom tailored to your brand, these multimedia and multi-page format (still photo, video, boomerangs,etc) will display a healthy amount of product placement and storytelling of our whale adventure.

  • Long form blog content. We’ll work with you and your brand's philosophy to curate a written blog post, including a gallery of images telling the story of our expedition.

  • Influencer involvement -  An influencer of your/our choice can accompany us on the trip for portions of the adventure (not including the whale experience due to limited spots available on the boat) and we can tell your brand story, through an influencers channels. We’ll create content and optimize experiences for influencers to post on IG photos & stories, etc.

Cost & buy-in will vary depending on the scope of clients interest, and assets requested. We’re so thrilled that you’ve considered partnering with us in this storytelling, and it would be an honor to hear your thoughtful response.

Meet the team

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Peter Amend

California born & raised, Peter is an adventure and lifestyle commercial photographer for the outdoor industry. Equally at home in the water or on a mountain peak - he loves authentic storytelling, and stories of conservation.


Raja Ilya

Raja Iliya is an outdoor and adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Hawaii that specializes in video, photo, and sound. Growing up in seven different countries has given him a diverse perspective on the world and allowed him to see the beauty of our planet through a unique lens.

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