Yamaha TW200 Scrambler


Here’s what we discussed on the TW. Stoked to hear your thoughts on all this, what’s feasible, what’d be too expensive, too time consuming - whatever. SO glad you’re psyched on this!


  • Frame/bike painted/powder coated, as much turned black as possible. Black black black! Wheels?

  • Tank painted (color tbd, potentially a three color block, maybe a solid color with two color blocks/stripes?) Combo of black, mustard yellow, orange, red? 

  • Petcock replace (cap the opposing side, no second petcock needed. If no plug or cap can be sourced, second petcock can be capped as plug?

  • Wiring running down fork resituated to allow turning radius (cable guide in way of tank) 

  • Mini LED front signals

  • Mini LED rear signals

  • Headlight / mesh grill

  • Grips

  • Taillight/brake light

  • Seat fabricate? 

  • Removable license plate tab? Wingnut or single bolt? (no license plate light necessary)

Secondary (if easy/possible)

  • New master cyl/lever? Black lever 

  • New exhaust (Elroy to fabricate?)

  • Airbox delete / empty battery area?  If no airbox delete, then maybe a painted sideplate to cover where plastics were?

  • Ways to simplify wiring? Simple/minimal buttons, etc, less big plastic buttons? If you wanted to geek out on this, there are a lot of sick options… anything to declutter bars. Delete dim headlight setting, etc…

  • Removable shorty front fender?


Love the clean look, hidden wires/battery, airbox delete. Would prefer flat seat vs curved to match tank.

Not into the seat on bottom, but otherwise the style is badass.

Clean style, good inspiration


Like the seat on top vs seat on bottom - ideal thickness probably 2” or so and flat, vs thin & tapered


(Hopefully these comments line up with the right photo on your browser)

Love this color style - the yellow is sick, matched with all black. Thinking a mustard yellow tank with a couple color blocks, red & orange?

The matching speedo cover is so rad!

This tail end is nice, although would love lights tucked in very close or under seat to protect from falls

<This size seat is rad - room for 2 if necessary.

THE perfect seat, I think - could be a little flatter, but this would be ideal.

Dig the yellow!